ABOUT US – Tanishq Decor

Tanishq Decor specializes in the layout and renovation of workspaces, partitions and associated works of finishing work. We are installers and installers of removable partition: we supply to profiles of the sector.

“Rethink your workspaces for greater comfort and efficiency of our teams”
Whatever the location and size of your premises, we intervene to provide you with a global service for your offices from design to installation:

  • Arrangement and customization of your premises
  • A certified removable and modular partition
  • A wide choice of materials and design
  • Glass film and window blinds integrated into the glass partitions
  • False ceiling, PVC flooring or glass and aluminium
  • Sound insulation (sound barrier) and thermal insulation
  • High and low current lighting and cabling etc

Tanishq Decor guarantees, thanks to a proven technical mastery, a personalized answer adapted to your needs in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and performance of the materials.

“We are looking for the best compromise between your IDEAS and our KNOWLEDGE in the respect of the rules of the art.”