In the notion of experience, we will obviously find the humanization of the interface via voice recognition or chatbots. Humanizing the interactions between users and your business has become inevitable. Indeed, the user often needs to be reassured or accompanied in his purchase process, so this is where you need to intervene. What is important in this kind of chatbox is, of course, the simplicity and efficiency of the exchanges to the point of not knowing if the interlocutor with whom we exchange really exists.

The marketing content

Let’s end this inventory of UX Design 2018 trends with obviously a priority given to content! The Content Marketing or Content Marketing is the key to your website, what a beautiful site if it does not offer quality content? Frustrating for internet users! Do not neglect the content and make the efforts you provide in the web design serve to improve access to that content. This web trend, as old as it is, aims to push companies to offer ever more fluid and ergonomic sites to provide reading comfort and highlight quality content.

  • Let’s continue our overview of website trends and explore what’s going on with UI Design.
  • UI Design for simple and effective websites

After seeing the trends in user experience, they will now have to be applied following trends in interface design. 2018 is rich in news and innovations, so your website must be simple and effective more than ever! A beautiful graphic and a good readability are the keys to put forward your content.

Websites with positive colors

The reassuring colors are put in the spotlight this year giving a small optimistic and positive side to the websites. The choice of the color palette is essential and it must, of course, be in line with your brand identity!

Long scrolling for easy navigation

The long scrolling had already made its appearance in 2018 and really democratizes this year. This trend offers users a vertical navigation similar to the one they already experience on Facebook or on their mobile more generally. The vertical navigation of websites makes the experience of users much easier and more and more addicted to their little mouse wheel! In the long scrolling family, you will find Parallax scrolling giving depth to your site with animated elements at different rates. You will also find bands in width that can structure each session of your content to make it more readable for your visitors. In the long scrolling, you will also find fixed elements for the most important information in order not to lose the user in the scrolling of your site. And finally, the youngest, the Split Screen or split screen, which allows you to provide maximum information in a structured and sophisticated way. Reading is then facilitated thanks to texts embedded in colored squares with images illustrating the content in a natural way.

Full screen mode

This year, we also see things in big with the full screen! Today, it is a question of putting the eye full with beautiful images in the background covered with a color filter and a large typography, best way to attract the user at first glance. The use of an animated background is more and more, but make sure it is irreproachable otherwise it will not have the desired effect on your visitors. However, it is important that animated background does not divert the visitor from the main purpose of his visit to your website, so there is all the subtlety for you! In addition, this year, we say yes to big pictures but, attention, they must be professional! Take the example of Ten Thousand. The use of the full screen allows the user to be immersed from the home page in this world of luxury apartments as if they were there.

The choice of typography to serve your brand image

The typography used will also give character to your site and reflect your brand image. A strong ally to get your message across effectively, it must be chosen with care. You can mix them with your images or videos or marry them with colorful textures.

Entertainment as easy access to information

Finally, personification and entertainment are also very important elements this year in the world of UI Design. Indeed, you will see more and more often on websites or applications fun little quotes, your name appears in a dialog box or a fun design that allows you to play with the information that interests you the most.

Now that the overview of website trends for this year is done, let’s see what users really expect from you to be able to implement these trends!

What users expect from your website in 2018

In the digital age, Internet users are increasingly demanding and informed. Their expectations of websites are becoming more and more precise. The focus is on an inspired interface, the information available in the right place, and an ever-increasing user experience. Let’s see in detail what the visitor looks for when he goes to your website.

A well inspired interface

The visual appearance and ergonomics of your site is the first thing the user will see and experience. Your interface must be well thought out, easy to use, intuitive and of course, it must catch the eye of the visitor at first glance. Here, it is important to apply UI Design trends in order to make the navigation pleasant or even entertaining for your visitors.

Quality content

The primary purpose of a user when visiting your website is to find quality information. This is where Content Marketing will make sense for you. It is essential for you to vary the communication channels on your website. This can be done through written text, but not only, use images, illustrations, videos, and even audio clips. In addition, note that it is important that your web content is different from others, it must be original, consistent with your editorial line, qualitative and especially value-added.

A real user experience

Users are now more than ever looking for experience when visiting a website. This can be done through interactions with your content, by coaching your teams via a live chat for example, but also by gamification! You are going to tell us, but what is gamification? For the curious, do not hesitate to read our previous article, Gamification, the new form of communication? to know more! But in a nutshell, gamification allows users to experiment with websites in a fun, educational and entertaining way, while finding the information they are looking for.

Conclusion, do not neglect your website!

You will understand, 2018 is responsible for change in the wonderful world of digital, so you must adapt and do not neglect your website, spokesperson of your company! The user experience is more than ever award-winning and essential for your visitors to remember you. It is also important to conduct a regular watch, because as you know the trends are constantly changing on the web.

The trends of the year in terms of websites now have no secrets for you, it’s up to you!