As every year, trends in terms of websites evolve to meet the demands of users ever more informed and demanding. These trends are also of paramount importance for your marketing strategy. The website is the showcase for businesses, it is essential to conduct active monitoring every year to adapt.

Velvet Communication Color Super Heroes are on the lookout for the 2018 web trends! Today, we tell you everything about UI and UX Design and the expectations of users when they visit your site.

  • State of play of 2018 trends in websites
  • 2018 has been a year filled with changes in the world of websites.

Responsive design for accessible websites

We have seen a generalization of responsive sites or “Mobile-friendly “unavoidable today! For those who are still unfamiliar with this concept, a responsive design is a design that adapts to the device used. The mobile internet has been growing since 2015, so it is essential for you to have a responsive design so that users can visit your site from their mobile or tablet. Note that more than half of the connections are made today from a mobile device!

Animations, an enriched experience

2018 also offered us an enriched user experience through animations. They also bring a real personality to your website. The animations are various, they can be done during a change of page when the surfer flies over a specific part of your site, or through the smooth scrolling which makes the navigation on your website more pleasant for the surfer.

The Materiel Design, a quality experience

The Material Design, which is a collection of modern design rules proposed by Google a few years ago, was also very popular in 2018. It allows to provide your users with a better quality experience, more interactive and intuitive while putting highlight the technical capabilities of applications and websites.

Flat Design, a better understanding of information

Complementary to the Material Design, Flat Design is also a very important trend on the internet. Indeed, the use of simple shapes and the absence of volume effect allow the user to better differentiate the elements of a page and facilitates the understanding of the information provided on the latter.

Design Patterns, an easy experience

Finally, in the major web trends of 2018, we also found the Design Patterns, modules that facilitate the user experience on a website. We find the use of the hamburger menu, a way to hide the menu without deleting it, the long scroll, to say a maximum on a single page or the full-screen images to attract the eye of the user.

2018 has been colorful in the wonderful world of websites, but when is it this year?

If certain web trends such as the slides, which would not lead the user to interact with the content and which would have a negative impact on the SEO due to the size of the images, tend to disappear, other tendencies as for them appear in the worlds of UX and UI Design. If you need a little clarification about the terms of UX and UI Design, we invite you to read our article UI/UX Design, what are they for?  So that these terms have no more secrets for you!

The user experience is no longer compartmentalized in a digital universe, it now extends over the entire user journey. Today, it is not only about interaction but about the relationship between the user and the websites. What are today the major trends in terms of user experience and therefore UX Design? It’s time for us to reveal everything to you so that you can offer the best experiences to the visitors of your website!

UX Design at the service of websites

A user experience adapted to the support

First of all, be aware that your website is not only the showcase of your company, but also its voice! Indeed, it is through the latter that you will approach your prospects, the experience they will live there must be flawless.

Let’s start with one of the first UX Design trends of 2018, a different user experience depending on the medium used. Indeed, some companies tend to think that the user experience will be the same on a mobile than on a computer, wrong! As we said before, the Responsive Design has gradually established itself as a standard in recent years and continues for 2018. The multi-screen allows the user to have continuity from one interface to another, allowing him to experience your website in the best way possible depending on whether he uses his mobile, his tablet or his computer.

Anticipation design

The anticipatory design is also one of the big web trends of this year. Indeed, the purpose of this type of Design is to anticipate the actions that will take the users on your site, but also their needs and expectations. It is essential to analyze the user path in advance in order to propose a site that is as suitable as possible. Offering the most relevant content at the most opportune moment is the difficulty companies face today when creating their website.

Looking for a unique experience

Let’s continue our short overview of the 2018 web trends and let’s take a look at the notion of experience. Indeed, today the user is not only looking for specific information when he goes to your website, but he is also looking for a real user experience. Take the example of the new version of the Airbnb site, the focus is on the experience, the user does not only go to their site to rent a home, but to live a unique moment. The experience comes in different forms: cooking, lifestyle, social experience, entertainment. Experience has become a key element in the content of the site and a real strategy for Airbnb who wants to offer much more than just housing.

Emotional design

In the continuity of the user experience, we also find the emotional design. Indeed, in the search for increasingly important interactions between the user and the websites, the emotional design allows you to arouse emotions. It is a real psychological approach to the user experience that is developed here. The proposed experience aims to be memorable and it starts with the design of the site itself.